SOTA double activation SB-200 and SB-192

On both summits I had to stay a little beneath because of very stong winds. 1st summit OE/SB-200 Schabergkogel was quite fine – I found a nice place to sit down and 11 QSO`s could be made. The 2nd summit for today was OE/SB-192 Asitzkopf, there the wind was a disaster. Temperatures were really fine but the snow from the ground was blown into the smallest gaps. So I decided to QRT after my 4 obligatory QSO`s up there – my TRX is not water-proof 😉
Watch the videos in the gallery to imagine the working conditions on the 2nd summit…

Thank`s to everybody working me!
CU on the next summit!


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  1. AvatarOE2WNL #

    Great double Activation – congrats!
    de OE2WNL

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