All OE Contest 2010

So today was the All OE Contest. It is is a contest and also an emergency test for Austrian Stations. Contest time was from 5:00-8:00 and from 14:00-17:00 UTC on 80m, 40m and 30m. Despite the fact that there where numerous stations QRV the number of QSO’s was not very satisfiying.

Just 21 QSO’s in 6 hours isn’t funny 😉 I just can explain this because I was using the vertical Antenna which uses to radiate very flat – which is good for DX but is not good for QSO’s within Austria. So all the contacts I made where really hard work. I was repeating my callsign (if I ever was heard) over and over again and in 14 SSB Contacts I was able to get into the log.

But nevertheless – I used this oppertunity and tried my skills in CW (which I’m learning right now). So this is what was cool – I’ve done 7 QSO’s sucessfully. Some times it was hard to read the characters because some Operators unfortionatly don’t QRS when you give slower than they – but I managed to get the callsigns and the area-code after some concentration.

All in all – next year I will set up what I planned for this year but wasn’t able to do – I will put my 10m fiber-glas mast together with my W3DZZ on the roof of our house – this has to be an very exiting view – but more important it might be the better Antenna for this purpose.

So thanks to all Stations which I was able to work – and a special Thanks to the station which I had contact via CW:

  • OE3EVA
  • OE4PWW
  • OEY682
  • OE1HFC
  • OE7EHH
  • OE4AAC




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