SOTA OE/SB-330 Hochtölzer

Quite hard to reach this summit today because there is no official hiking trail… Once more best wx-contitions and so it was fun to activate this “little 4 Pt. summit”…After a real steep way up we reached the summit – my gps said, we were there. Good to have, because up there is no summit cross and not really enough space to set up the antenna in a comfortable way… So we decided to walk on for a while until a suitable place was found.

Following stations could be worked today:
EA4DTV (1.539km), UR5FEL (1.360km), LZ3GH (1.176km), OE2SNL (6km HIHI)

Watch the gallery for pictures! In the neighborhood of this summit you can find 2 summits which are extremely pointed – could be categorized as “one-man-accessible summits”. Maybe I get crazy any time and will activate one of these…

73 de OE2ATN

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