Telescoping mast, Beam and other interesting stuff


A lot of time has passed since my last post on our website, but this doesn’t mean I was lazy (ok probably a bit 😉 )- but now the news are b i i i i i i g 🙂 …

At my Home-QTH we are currently reconstructing and extending the house and so it is the perfect time to upgrade a ham’s Equipment – upgrade is not the correct word – as there are a lot of new things now.

First I ordered a telescoping mast from Frick Gerätebau. Mr. Frick himself delivered and mounted the mast . The mast consists of two parts each 6m long and the first element with a shape of 150x150mm aluminium mounted with 2 clamps on the side of the house. The first element goes straight up about 1m above the roof where the second element is situated and can move 5 meters up into the sky, so it’s about 6 meters above the roof and 15 meters above the ground.
The rotor (a G-1000DXA) is at the top of the second element. And above the rotor there is a 3m pole which can be extracted and clamped by hand to get distance between 2 HF antennas. The whole constrution is very clever as the rotor sits at the side of the rotating pole and so could be maintained without disambling the whole antennas. And due to the extractable pole you can moutn the antenna on top of the pole and then move the pole outside – lifting the antenna up.

As the mast was mounted it was time to put some load onto it. Some time ago I already bought a used FB-33 for 20m/15m/10m and an UFB-13 for WARC 30m/17m/12m from DL6QW (thanks – it works ufb!)

On the 26th of october (national holiday in OE) the day had finally come – OM Peter OE2PTN (mni mni tnx Peter!) and I installed the antennas. we started with the UFB-13 as it should be mounted on the very top of the mast.
Below of this we mounted a 4 element Yagi for 144MHz vertically – so to extend the radius for 2m repeaters through the lot of mountains in my area – which Peter loaned me as he wasn’t using it currently. ( 2. tnx Peter!! )

After this we moved the pole completly out (about 1m stays into the mast-pole. And just above the rotor we mounted the FB-33 antenna, where there is about 3cm space to the sattelite dish when beam is near the roof – I hoped and prayed in advance 😉

After setting up the antennas and guiding the wires to the shack we put on the antenna analyzer miniVNA-pro from Peter (3rd TNX Peter !!!) and – the SWR on all Antennas was ok 🙂


Now after 1 week of having the beams on the roof I’m very very happy – there where some new DXCC’s for me


just to mention some.

And just today when there was the Marconi Memorial (CW) contest – I even managed to get some contacts on 2m – ODX 344km 🙂
So now I know – all antennas play very very well.

73 for now – and hope to hear you on the bands!

OE2WNL, Wolf

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