8Q7AT Maldives 2010

Status from Velidhu

First Pileup has been worked successfully… But unfortunately nobody seems to accept the mode of working, so I had to change my mode. Well from now on I will try to listen for example 10 down in case of a Pileup.

WX is with felt 40 degrees centigrade with light wind and a sea-temperature of abt. 28 degrees. Lightly cloudy in the first two days but now sunshine as far as you can see….

Try to work a few more stations at the weekend especially on 20m (14.222) from 1600 UTC.

73 from Velidhu!

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  • Hans, k6faf

    Prop-Fenster nach California scheint 1500 – 1600 UT zu sein. Heute nichts zu hoeren, Tom
    73 und Gd DX,

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