14km/9mi walk – 3 summits, 2 OMs, 1 dipole

Due we could split up weight (Wolfs RIG and Toms antenna) walking this distance on snowshoes was manageable. We both were curious if Toms newly assembled Buddipole Dipole Antenna would work well. Up to now I (Tom is writing here) used the Buddistick Antenna. With a 200 grams more in weight the Dipole pumped up our signal to approximately 4 S steps more than with the Buddistick Vertical. WOW! I`ll use the dipole every time on SOTA now.

We transmitted at 10 watts and got fabulous reports. 59+10 from G-Land was just amazing!

MANY THANKS to all stations working us today. SPECIAL THANKS to all our regular customers, as they are G0RQL Don, G4OBK Phil, G4BVE John, LA8BCA Terje, G0VWP Terry, M0BKV Damian, and and and….. (Please don`t be nasty if i forgot someone)

73 to all of you, have a good SOTA season, CU on the next one(s)
OE2WNL Wolf and me, OE2ATN Tom

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