SOTA: one rig, two OM`s and three summits

This day with it`s 3 activations was really beautiful. Best SOTA weather but not the best conditions with heavy fading from time to time. Nevertheless this three activations at the border from Salzburg to Tirol were no problem…The summits today:
OE/SB-229 Sonnkogel, OE/SB-183 Kuhfeldhörndl, OE/TI-450 Spielberghorn

QSO`s de OE2ATN:
F6CXJ, OZ4RT (2 summits), G4OBK (2 summits), OE2WNP (3 summits), DL3KUM, ON7KJW, OE2SNL (2 summits), G4WSB, HB9MKV, EA5YI, G4JZF

QSO`s de OE2WNL:
DL3KUM, DK8PX, DL1DLF/P, DL8YR, F/PA1DYK, F6CXJ, G4OBK (2 summits), LA9ED, M0EPR, OE2SNL, OE2WNP (3 summits), OH6JYH, ON7KJW (2 summits), OZ4RT (3 summits)

Today we had a new RIG/Antenna combination at work because OE2WNL Wolf had to test his new produced SOTA-Box with the FT-857 built inside. This is very usefull as you just pull the box out of the backpack connect the battery connect coax-cable to Antenna and you’re QRV within minutes. Antenna was, as always used by OE2ATN the Buddistick from Buddipole Antennas. Due the little more TX power out of the FT-857 (abt. 15W, FT-817 normally QRP 5W) we got some good reports if there was no fading.

Total walking distance was 8,86 km with an altitude difference of 1.820 m.Thanks again for coming back to our SOTA-call!
Special thanks to all our “regular customers” on the other side of the mic!


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